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Motivational Counselling

Body Composition Analysis

Goal Setting

Diet Recommendations

SuperFoods & Home remedies

Exercise Recommendations

Lifestyle Modifications

Weekly follow-ups

 Lifetime Access

  • To understand your current health issues, lifestyle pattern, professional and personal limitations and thus provide solutions on it.

  • Let us know your food preferences, likes and dislikes, food sources that are readily available in your region.

  • We then reflect upon your goals and plan strategies accordingly.

  • After understanding your lifestyle and food pattern, we move on to the next important step.

  • Apart from your weight, we also assess BMI which is weight to height ratio, amount of Muscle mass you have and also fat mass.

  • Fat mass is then further assessed to calculate total fat mass, subcutaneous fat, trunk fat mass which helps us in setting up attainable goals.

  • We do this activity monthly to monitor our progress from fat to fit.

  • In this step, we finally set goals for our journey towards better health and lifestyle.

  • We plan short term as well as long term goals accordingly.

  • We also see to it that the goals are realistic and doable.

  • We also provide goal trackers, and habit trackers to motivate you and help you to stay on track.

  • In this step, we suggest some easy tools so that you can plan your own meals.

  • We also create customized diet charts as per your day-to-day activity, schedule and food preferences.

  • It also includes recommendations to control the portion size of food.

  • We believe that food can naturally fix and heal many health issues and lifestyle disorders.

  • Hence, we recommend many Super-foods and provide you with home remedies to help you gain early results without any side effects.

  • We also recommend consumption of specific spices, condiments and oil seeds as per the season to help you cope with the climate change and thus build immunity.

  • An important and essential step to improve health and achieve good results is exercising.

  • We understand that many of us may find it hard to take some time out for exercise, and lack the motivation and enthusiasm to workout regularly. So, we recommend easy and fun to do home workouts.

  • Workouts are advised according to your body type, availability of time and resources. 

  • In this step, we work on slowly changing unhealthy habits and help you in inculcating habits which will make you stay fit in the long run.

  • It also includes counselling for your mental health. We provide you with simple remedies to manage your personal or work related stress, improve quality of sleep and achieve work-life balance.

  • Special counselling is done to help you to overcome addictions ranging from Alcohol, Smoking to Netflix. 

  • This is a crucial step in achieving sustainable changes. 

  • We conduct weekly calls and understand the challenges you are experiencing in following the suggested routine. We then provide solutions accordingly.

  • We also assess you on various parameters like body composition analysis, food records, daily activity, etc to monitor your progress.

  • You will get a lifetime's access to health tips to keep you updated.

  • Consultation anytime, anywhere. We are available 24/7 for you over the phone, Whatsapp and email.

  • Motivational quotes.

  • Interesting nutritious recipes.

  • and much more.....

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