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TGP and Environment

One might think why is there an environment section on a nutritionist’s website?


We, at The Green Punch, believe that we owe a lot to our mother earth. A healthy environment plays an important role in our health and wellness journey.

Due to advancements in technology and various developmental changes, we have been damaging our mother earth in various ways. Air and water pollution, global warming, smog, acid rain, deforestation, wildfires are just a few of the environmental issues that we are facing currently. All these changes are causing an adverse effect on our health and inviting trouble in the form of various disorders like respiratory diseases, high prevalence of cancers, and liver disorders.

But these are all national/global problems, what can we do about it? The government should be the one taking appropriate measures! Why should we try to resolve them ourselves?

We need to understand that it is ultimately us and our future generations who are going to suffer. It is everyone’s equal responsibility to take care of the environment and to make this planet a wonderful place to live in. One doesn’t need to put in a lot of money to go green but just making simple changes in our daily lifestyle is all that’s required.

Sharing with you all the few baby steps that TGP is taking to save our environment:

Recycling Bottles
Plastic Recycling

Plastic makes up for a huge amount of solid waste and takes centuries to break down in a landfill or the ocean. Therefore, it is essential to do our bit for the environment by recycling the recyclable plastic.

We segregate all the recyclable plastic which is then collected by a Thane based NGO. The plastic is then converted into fuel which can be further used in various industries. 

Domestic Waste Bin

Various types of Biodegradable waste is generated in every house on a daily basis. Instead of sending away this waste into a dumping ground, we can easily create compost out of it. This compost provides many nutrients essential for plant growth and also helps in improving soil quality.

We, at TGP, create almost 3 kg compost every month from just household biodegradable kitchen waste. 

Eco-friendly Festivals

It is essential to celebrate festivals mindfully. We have to think of ways that will reduce harm to the environment without letting it affect our enjoyment.  E.g We celebrate Diwali by lighting natural diyas, and avoiding firecrackers.

Similarly, We use eco-friendly materials like recycled paper, flowers, etc. for the Ganesh Chaturthi decoration instead of Thermocol that causes needless harm to the environment. 

Eco-friendly Invitations

A lot of paper is wasted while printing invitations for various ceremonies and programs. So we use the digital medium wherever possible to send out attractive invitations and circulate them via social media. If this isn't possible, we use more sustainable and eco-friendly alternatives for printing invitations. For instance, sending cloth-based invitations on a Handkerchief which can later be used after washing. 

Organic food

Organic farming is one of the most sustainable and efficient ways to procure food without contaminating the soil with harmful chemicals and pesticides. It also conserves water, reduces soil erosion, and helps in fighting the effects of Global warming.

As the food is totally chemical-free, it is safe to consume and is more nutritious.

Indian Food

If you are interested in joining hands to save the environment, we are creating a list of various NGOs and individuals whom you can reach out to participate in various environment drives and initiatives.

If you also have any ideas/suggestions regarding the same, please write to us.

We would be happy to hear them.

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