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5 Effective Tips For Weight Loss

What comes to your mind when you hear weight loss? Boring Diets? Bland Salads or Soups? Herbal shakes and powders? Although these things might work, the results are temporary as you tend to gain weight once you stop doing these things.

To help you get better results, we’re going to share with you 5 easy and effective to help you lose weight and maintain it. Follow these tips to bring your weight under control.

1. Chew food properly

The digestion process of our body starts from our mouth. We miss out on this first step and experience digestive issues if we don’t chew food properly. The nutrients are not absorbed properly from the food due to indigestion. While eating fast, the stomach doesn't send signals to the brain and we fail to experience a feeling of satiety. The brain takes around 20 minutes to process the feeling of satiety. So if we eat fast, the brain doesn’t have time to send these signals. This might lead to overeating and eventually weight gain.

2. Drink water at regular intervals

We all know the importance of drinking water to lose weight by now. However, it’s equally important to focus on how and when you are drinking it. It's recommended to hydrate yourself at regular intervals instead of drinking a lot of water in one go. If you’re experiencing frequent headaches, lethargy, weakness, lack of concentration and sudden sweet cravings, it clearly shows that your body is dehydrated and demands water.

3. Do not weigh yourself every day

Many of us have a habit of checking our weight every day. One needs to understand that a lot of biological processes happen inside our body every day which ultimately affects weight. There’s a 100-200g difference in our weight every day due to various reasons like hormonal imbalance, water retention, constipation, type of food consumed on the previous day, etc. Remember that whenever we start following any diet or start a new exercise, our body takes 10-15 days to show the results. Hence, checking weight every day will only create stress and demotivate us from our ultimate goal of losing weight.

4. Writing a food diary

It’s always better to self monitor our daily food intake by using a food diary. In this method, we are supposed to keep a record of everything we eat or drink in a day. Doing this activity for a week will help you realise how you tend to engage in unmindful eating, binge-eating or even eating out of boredom even when you aren’t actually hungry. This activity makes us mindful of food choices, the amount of food we are consuming, and the frequency of food consumption.

5. Be consistent with physical activity

The importance of the physical activity to lose weight is already much discussed by everyone. What we generally lack is consistency. Here’s a simple tip to help you to become consistent. When we decide to walk or jog every day, our motivation tends to go down after 4-5 days. Sometimes we genuinely don't get enough time to exercise due to some household or work-related responsibilities. In such cases, remember to utilise the time you have in your hands. Even if you have 10 minutes, use to do a brisk walk inside the house, do skipping or staircase workout, perform Surya namaskars, etc. This small activity will help you get on track and keep you motivated for the next day.

Believe us, these simple tips are capable of making a big difference in your weight loss journey and help you to stay fit in the long run. Go try them out yourselves!

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