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Cucumber Cold Soup

Soups generally remind you of cold weather, warm blankets, and a running nose. However, today we’re introducing you to a soup that’s actually served cold, unlike regular soups. As you look for a drink that’s both cool and refreshing with the onset of summer, The Green Punch has a perfect recipe for you. Presenting the delightful cucumber cold soup!


2 sliced cucumbers

1 medium-spicy green chilly

Finely chopped coriander


½ tablespoon Jeera powder

Lemon juice

Salt to taste


Pour the sliced cucumbers in a mixer/blender jar. Add finely chopped coriander and a green chilly in it. Make sure that the chilly isn’t spicy to retain the taste of the cucumber. Add ginger, Jeera powder, salt, and lemon juice to this mixture. Blend this mixture until everything is neatly mixed. If required, you can also add water/ice cubes to it. That’s all folks! Your cucumber cold soup is ready to be served.

Pro tip- If you aren’t fasting, you can also add mint and garlic to it.

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