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Pumpkin Soup

The season of warm blankets and woollen socks is here! As you snuggle for longer hours in your bed, you’ll be reminded of piping hot soups - your companion in cold winters. Common soup recipes include tomato soup, mix vegetable soup, mushroom soup, Chinese soup, and ready-to-eat soup. However, Chinese soups and ready-to-eat soups cannot be consumed on a daily basis for obvious reasons (read acidity and inflammation). Instead of this, one should look for healthy recipes. For those looking to explore a different soup variety, here’s the pumpkin soup recipe. Brought to you by The Green Punch, this is a unique and extremely delicious soup recipe that one can try at home. Here’s how you can go about it:


  1. 1 spoon Ghee

  2. Cumin seeds

  3. 5-6 garlic petals

  4. 1 medium-sized onion

  5. 1 cup sliced pumpkin

  6. ½ cup cold water

  7. Red chilli powder

  8. Turmeric

  9. Salt to taste


Heat some Ghee in a cooker. Add half a teaspoon of Cumin seeds in it once the pan’s heated. Add sliced ginger petals. Next up, you have to put sliced onion in it. Keep stirring until the onion turns pink in colour. Finally, in goes the good ol’ pumpkin (remember to slice it into smaller cube-shaped pieces). Allow it to cook for at least 3 whistles. Once boiled, empty the cooker in a bowl. Blend it in a mixer to make a fine paste. Heat the mixture in a pan again while adding some Redd Chilli powder, Turmeric, and salt to taste. Stir it well until it gets a soup-like consistency. Serve the soup in a bowl and sip it away!

What are you waiting for then? Note down the recipe and get started! :) The recipe is perfect for people of all age groups as it’s absolutely filling and healthy.

Comment below and let us know if you try the recipe. Also, don’t forget to tag us while posting pictures of the soup on social media.

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