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Beat The Heat

The scorching summers are in full swing and so, we need to ensure that our bodies are cool from within.

Here's the list of 6 superfoods that act as a natural coolant and help prevent any heat related health problems.

1. Jeera

Add jeera to drinks like Buttermilk, Kokam sarbat or just plain water. Doing so would help reduce the body heat. It is also quite useful against urinary tract infections.

2. Sabja seeds- Keep them soaked in water. Once they swell, add them to cold milk, milkshake or as a topping with fruits, and enjoy.

3. Gulkand- This is a preparation made from rose petals, easily available in the market. Gulkand proves to be effective in reducing heat and acidity.

4. Ragi- This millet is recommended in summers and can be consumed in the form of a porridge or Bhakri or even laddoos.

5. Tender Coconut- Tender coconut water is full of electrolytes and revatilises your body. A go-to drink in case you're tired or exhausted.

6. Muskmelon- All types of melons act as a blessing in disguise during summers. They are incredibly sweet, full of water, and instantly reduce lethargy and tiredness.

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