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Boost your immunity this winter

Winter season often brings chronic infections like cough and cold. Therefore, we are sharing with you 5 Super-foods that can be consumed on a regular basis to boost immunity during winter.

1. Herbal tea 🍵 : Tea/decoction made from Tulsi, Ginger, Cinnamon act as a great source of anti-oxidants and will save you from many infections including cough and cold.

2. Citrus fruits 🍋🍊 : These are rich sources of Vitamin C responsible to boost immunity. Consuming one amla satisfies a whole day’s requirement of Vitamin C. Along with it, one can also have Oranges, Limes, Lemons which are good sources of Vitamin C too.

3. Carrots 🥕 : Carrots are a rich source of Beta-carotene, a precursor of Vitamin A. Along with boosting immunity, beta-carotene also helps in maintaining a healthy looking skin during winter.

4. Mushrooms 🍄 : Mushrooms are a rich source of zinc, which is again an immunity booster. It gives you an extra dose of zinc without adding extra calories. However, mushrooms should be washed and cooked properly to avoid the risk of infections and digestive disorders.

5. Turmeric : Last but not the least, Turmeric is the best natural, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory spice known to humans. Drinking Turmeric milk (Turmeric latte or Golden milk) along with a pinch of dry ginger powder or Soonth works wonders for people suffering from cold, flu, arthritis, headaches etc.

-Nutritionist Anuja Dharap 7900005296

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