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Eat healthy, be healthy this Diwali!

This Diwali.. Eat healthy, Be Healthy 🌅

Hi everyone! The festive season is just around the corner and we just can’t control our excitement to gorge ourselves with endless amount of festive delicacies and satiate our taste buds.

However we invite trouble after mindlessly eating these sweets and delicacies. Therefore, TGP has brought to you a few tips that you need to follow and implement for a healthy lifestyle.

Diwali tip #1 Increase water intake

Water detoxifies our system naturally. During the festive season we tend to consume a lot of salty and sugary food as a result of which our body needs more water to flush out this excess load of sugar and salt. We also tend to lose a lot of fluids through sweat during the household chores like cooking diwali delicacies, cleaning and other activities. Hence, increasing water intake during Diwali is a must. Sipping extra fluids also helps in fighting sweet cravings. You can also drink lemon water, jeera water, and sabja alteranatively to achieve better results.

Diwali tip #2 

Add antioxidants to your diet

As a result of frequent exposure to crackers and frequent consumption of foods rich in saturated fats, our body creates a lot of free radicals. To fight these free radicals we must consume foods rich in Vitamin A, C and E like Indian Gooseberry, Oranges, Lemons, Sweet limes, Green tea, Yellow Orange fruits, vegetables and greens which act as antioxidants for our body.

Diwali tip #3 Fight sweet cravings

● Drink a glass of water everytime you crave for sweets. ● Eat slowly and mindfully. Enjoy the sweets bit by bit with friends and family instead of gobbling it all up in one bite. ● Before going for a second round of sweets, think of how hungry you are. If you aren’t, you can always turn them down. ● Avoid stacking sweets. Share the sweets with your relatives, friends and even maids. Share your love with them. ● If at all you need to stack them, store the sweets in opaque steel containers rather than transparent containers or mithai boxes. This makes the sweet almost invisible in plain sight. 

Diwali tip #4 Know your fats

Know the difference between good fats and bad fats. Delicacies that are fried in vegetable oil, nuts and oilseeds like Almonds, Walnuts, Sesame, Home made ghee fall under the category of good fats. While the delicacies prepared in Hydrogenated fat i.e Dalda, baked foods containing margarine, foods refried in the same oil are bad fats. Identifying good and bad fats will help you make wiser food related decisions, which will make you healthy in the long run.

Diwali tip 5 Beware of diet foods

Beware of foods tagged as healthy or diet foods. ‘Baked’ faraal actually contains hidden sources of fat while all the low fat foods have excess sugar and salt to maintain taste. Therefore, make it a habit to always check the ingredients, look for foods that include artificial sweeteners, sodium based preservatives that should be completely avoided. Instead of hogging down diet foods, it is always good to eat small portions of delicacies made traditionally at home.

-Nutritionist Anuja Dharap 7900005296

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