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Fever ka fever…..

A Very Happy Monsoon to everyone!!!

Hope everyone of you is enjoying the delightful and refreshing showers after the  scorching  heat of summers.  But along with the enjoyment, monsoon brings certain risks to our health. Sudden changes in the weather conditions and increased humidity actually reduces our immunity and digestive capability resulting in various infectious diseases like dengue, malaria, typhoid, viral fever and also diarrhea, dysentery, respiratory disorders,allergies etc.

In such situations, everyone around us becomes a Doctor and starts suggesting a number of remedies starting  from “Doodh pinese cough hoga” to ” kiwi khanese  platelets badhega”. So, let us get acquainted with some clinically proven healthy tips which will actually help each one of us in coping with this change.  

Hygiene stands first and foremost when it comes to avoid infections:

1. Avoid outside and especially street food to avoid food borne illness. Eating raw and cold foods like salads, fruit plates, fruit juices, cold sandwiches may aggravate the risk of infection.  

2. Thorough washing of fruits and vegetables with warm water

3. Roots like carrot, beetroot,yam should be consumed in cooked form,

4. Always consume fresh and hot food, Avoid stale or cold, refrigerated food

5.Always consume purified water.

Next are the foods which we must consume to increase immunity:

Water: Drink minimum 3 Liters of water as water helps to flush off infectious agents from our system. One can also consume coconut water, lemon juice, barley water. But fruit juices, sugary drinks and caffeinated beverages should be avoided as it aggravates the thirst even more. Hydrotherapy also has a significant role in improving platelet count. Herbal tea/ Green tea:

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