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Guilt-free Diwali

What if I tell you that you can savor that scrumptious besan ka laddoo and enjoy the crunchy little chakli this Diwali without having the guilt of gaining fats??

You may wonder how!

The answer lies in the golden sword called MINDFUL EATING!!!

Mindful eating is an art of eating with all your senses, enjoying each morsel to the fullest and being sincere towards eating with zero distractions.

If we think of the previous generations, we realize that those people never restricted themselves from all the sweets and oily food attractions. Yet they have managed to live long and healthy lives. This is because, one: all these fried and sugary delicacies were prepared at home once a year with lots of effort and two: they enjoyed every bite of it without any distractions like TV, tabs, computers, mobile phones etc.

In today’s era, where traditional delicacies of all cultures are easily available at stores perennially, we are losing the value behind the food and eating mindlessly to curb our hunger and reduce our stress.

Mindful eating suggests, staying in the current moment, fully enjoying every morsel of food. For an instance, imagine if you are having chakali, look at it, enjoy its circular shape, the crunch and the flavor of ajwain. Enjoy that feel into your mouth, listen to the crunch and finally gulp it with huge satisfaction. If you manage to enjoy and meditate your food to this level, the quantity of food would hardly matter. I can assure you that 1 golden besan laddo or 2 crunchy chakalis or 1 delightful karanji will give you the pleasure of having 4-5.

Here are some easy knacks to eat mindfully and enjoy every moment of the festival to its fullest:

  1. Eat with your family members, remember all the good times you have had together.

  2. Serve yourself in small plates, with small pieces of every variety.

  3. Before you start having food, relax, take a deep breath or sing a festive song or chant a prayer.

  4. Most importantly switch off the TV or video games or other such distractions.

  5. You can update your status and stories on FB or Instagram later on. First, enjoy the feel of eating those specially made delicacies.

  6. Think before going for a second round. Are you really hungry?? Or are you eating just out of stress? Or because someone is forcing you? Or just to accompany someone?

  7. Do not fall for so-called diet foods (faral); instead, eat traditional recipes mindfully.

  8. Try to prepare traditional delicacies at home with love and enthusiasm. In that case, even making 2-3 recipes will give you immense pleasure and satisfaction.

  9. Make cooking more joyful by incorporating your family with you.

  10.  Don’t forget to add healthy ingredients like dry fruits, nuts and oilseeds in various Diwali preparations to improve its nutritive value.

  11. Lastly, as always drink plenty of water throughout the day


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