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Kick-start your New Year resolutions with this…

We have compiled a list of simple doable things you could do every day to kick-start your New Year resolutions and begin your journey towards a healthy and happy 2020… 💫

1. Choose to eat home cooked or healthy snacks everyday over junk food. Simple Bhel, cooked sprouts chat, Chana-singdana, homemade Chivda (Mixture), Thepla, Popped Jawar/Bajra can be the best go to snack options.

2. Consume one seasonal fruit every day.

3. Eat slowly, chew properly. Basically try enjoying meals.

4. Whether or not you are regularly working out, try including 10 minutes of stretching exercises in your daily routine.

5. Spare 10 minutes for yourself every day. Be it for meditation, reading your favorite book, praying, writing a gratitude journal or just sitting quietly.

6. Try spending time with nature at least once a week. A walk at a nearby hill or a garden, a small trek, going to a waterfall would energize not just your body but also your soul.

7. Appreciate at least one person everyday for their efforts and/or achievements.

That’s it! These simple yet important tips can be included in your resolutions for New Year and would help you achieve great health and mental well being in the long run. 😌

And.. if you feel that you are lacking motivation or need help we are always there to help you! 


Cheers to the New Year!

-Nutritionist Anuja Dharap 7900005296

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