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No pain during rain!

Is your exercise coming to a halt because it’s raining outside? Or has healthy eating gone for a toss because it’s pouring? Are you unable to maintain health because of the climate change??

Here is how you can keep yourself on track during monsoon.

Do not keep yourself away from activity just because it is raining. If you cannot run walk or jog. You can always opt to workout at home too. HIIT, functional trainings, walk aerobic, aqua aerobics, yoga, etc are excellent workout alternatives.

Indulge yourself in eating seasonal fruits like plums, cherries, pears as a go-to snack. They are full of antioxidant vitamins. Fibers in them also keep you full for a longer duration.

Consume a decoction made of cloves, cardamom, Tulsi and ginger. It boosts your immunity and therefore does not make you fall sick. As falling sick every now and then disturbs your exercise and diet regimen.

Whenever you crave for something hot, savouring vegetable soups or chicken soups, grilled or barbequed veggies, paneer and chicken can be the best choice.

Go for trekking. Best way to enjoy the raw beauty of nature in rainy season. A form of physical exercise that helps improve your stamina. Also, trekking is a great tool to check your own fitness level. It is almost like a therapy to be amongst nature as the colour green emits positivity and peace. Just like The Green Punch! 😌

-Nutritionist Anuja Dharap 7900005296

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