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Pani da rang…

All about hydration… Hello friends. A big hifi to you on this full bloom summer day.

One of my 120 kg patient asked me, ‘ Madam muze dunia ke 3 best fluids batao jo mai jitna chahe utna pi sakta hun but wo weight gain b nahi karenge???

And my answer was WATER !!! WATER!!!! WATER !!!!

This actually inspired me for starting my first blog on this important topic “HYDRATION”. People keep on saying pani piyo pani piyo but we are totally unaware of  the actual benefits this elixir gives to our mind, body and soul.

We will now just go in detail of what miracle the water does in our body apart from hydration.(Though its gonna be little technical, we cannot go ahead without understanding it)

1. Transporting glucose and oxygen to the muscles. 2. Critical component of brain, blood, muscles and bones. 3. Helps in digestion and absorption of food. 4. Regulating body temperature. 5. Maintaining healthy skin. 6. The best natural detox to remove waste products, exercise induced fatigue, allergens, pollutants and microbes which daily enjoy the joy ride in our body. This clearly shows why pani ko JEEVEN  kaha jata hai…

But how much to drink?? There are online calculators available but on an average for an ideal body weight 3 liters per day of water is advised; but if you fall under any of following category you need to increase water intake even more: 1. Regular Cardio activity like walking, jogging, swimming 2. Regular weight training 3. Obesity 4. Working on sites or under the sun for longer period 5. Diarrhea or vomiting Simple tips to include water in day to day life… 1. Keep bottle on desk and keep on sipping frequently. 2. Add mint, slices of citrus fruits, flavors in water. 3. Set timely targets for finishing water. e.g finishing a bottle in 4 hrs or something alike. 3. Set reminders or use apps for achieving your hydration targets. 4. Include soups, lemon water, coconut water, barley water, fruit juices, juicy fruits along with plain water. 5. Do not forget to carry water during exercise. Sports drink can also be consumed to top up the lost electrolytes.

*People who are suggested with some definite restrictions on fluid consumption must follow their health experts advise. Understand the symptoms of dehydration… 

  1. Feeling thirsty, 

  2. Experiencing dry mouth, 

  3. Passing dark urine

  4. Headache, dizziness, lack of concentration

Depicts you are already dehydrated and urgent boost of hydration is required

Stay Hydrated!! Stay healthy!!Enjoy Summer!!

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