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Tips to improve digestive health during rainy season

Monsoon has arrived here in India. I’m sure it sparks glee, joy and happiness in everyone’s lives.

However, the rainy season also brings along with it, a series of health concerns. Digestive health is affected to a great extent in the rainy season.

Here are a few tips to cope with this:

First and the foremost, avoid eating uncovered food. Always make it a point to consume hot and freshly cooked food.

Drink boiled water whenever possible.

Avoid eating cut fruits, drinking fruit juices and milkshakes as they are not cooked and can spread infections faster.

Consume freshly made curd, buttermilk or Yakult. These are probiotics and help in maintaining the health of the gut flora.

Add ginger in your everyday tea and in soups. It boosts digestion.

If at all your digestion is affected, just a cup of warm water with a pinch of Ajwain seeds (Ova) will works wonders in reducing the stomach cramps.

-Nutritionist Anuja Dharap 7900005296

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