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Unravel while you travel!

TGP is providing you a few tips in order to avoid health problems while travelling, to prevent altitude sickness and to help you acclimatize better on high altitudes

Travelling Tip #1Hydration

At high altitudes, it is easier to get dehydrated because the urinary and respiratory process is higher than usual. This causes a reduced overall blood volume and an elevated heart rate. Hence, one should keep sipping on water continuously. Do not rely on your thirst. You can also consume locally available drinks like this sea buckthorn juice (seen in the picture) which is widely available in the Northern parts of India. It is a juice made up of local berries found in the Himalayas. This juice also helps in acclimatization. Sea buckthorn juice is a rich source of anti oxidant vitamins like C and E. It actually is a herbal juice which helps stimulate digestive system and enhance the health of heart and liver. It can be consumed in the form of tea, juice or oil. However, always remember it is equally important to drink plain water.

Travelling Tip #2

Relish local berries and fruits

Always try to buy locally grown fruits or berries. They are best at their nutritional value. Munching on these fruits or berries will reduce the consumption of unhealthy snacks like wafers and biscuits on the go.

Travelling Tip #3Don’t Avoid Fats!

Do not avoid fats on high altitudes as fats have higher calorific value and keeps us warm in cold temperatures. In Spiti, people drink Butter Tea (seen in the picture) in accordance with the Tibetian culture there. We tried it too! And trust me, it was fulfilling and tasty.

Travelling Tip #4 Consume the Carbs!

You need a continuous source of energy while travelling. Hence, the consumption of carbs is important. If you are following a low carb diet or any other kind of diet regime, you need to change that for a few days. Rice, bread, noodles, and potatoes are the most easily available sources of carbs that one can find during travel. Remember, we need to consume at least 60% carbs in a meal.

Travelling Tip #5Healthy snacking

Carry something that you munch on while travelling. You can choose from the variety of healthy options available to you. I carried energy and protein bars during my trip. Ingredients of these energy bars were oats, dry fruits, nuts, various types of seeds like sunflowers, sesame, flax seeds, little bit of honey or dates as a sweetener and to add flavor. Always remember to choose a bar which has very little or no sugar, or a bar which does not have added sweeteners like stevia or any artificial sweeteners, and with no or less preservatives. Best bars available currently in the market are YOGA bars or bars from Rite Bite and Flat Tummies.

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